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GLIDR Integration: Loop customer feedback into product development (2)
UPDATE: Introducing the Experimental API (and V1.2) (2)
Vitally for Intercom: Add Customer Success analytics and insights to Intercom (1)
Iorad: Share Tutorials in Messenger in minutes! (1)
Harvestr : manage user feedback, prioritize features and communicate on your roadmap, all in one place (5)
UPDATE: Listing, Versioning & Webhook changes (5)
UserExpert: User Interview Scheduler for Intercom (1)
Sorry™ for Intercom Messenger (1)
Unbabel: Live Chat in Any Language (1)
UPDATE: Support & Website URLs for Listings (2)
Put Intercom on your office TV with Spinify (1)
UPDATE: Developer Hub Changes, API Additions (4)
FeedBear: The smartest way to manage customer feedback (3)
Userfeed: product feedback platform built for Intercom (4)
UPDATE: Apps & Custom Bots (2)
UPDATE: Messenger App Completion Tracking (2)
New dev tools, new docs, new public app store, new new new! (2)
[Product preview] Tappable stories in your own messenger (4)