Custom action option has disappeared from custom bot conversations

We have been in the process of setting up a custom bot using custom actions. Yesterday this worked like a charm, following the docs:


Today, this “Custom Action (using API)” option is no longer present for any bot in any of our workspaces. We only have 4 and they’re all in draft mode. We’ve subscribed to the Custom Bots Add-on. This was working at most 24 hrs ago.

Have we done something to disable this? Is it just broken?


Best answer by Racheal 4 May 2023, 21:48

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Our team is in the middle of the same process, and experienced the same thing. It was working this morning, so it must’ve changed at some point today. 

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Hey @justinlorenzon and @Jacob Webb Racheal from the support engineer team here👋 


It looks like this is in fact an issue on our end. 😕 Justin I can see my teammate Recia has added you to the open issue so we can update you with any news or ideally a fix. Jacob, would you like me to forward your conversation into support so we can get you added as well?

Yes please! :)