How we manage Quality Assurance for teammates at Intercom (in partnership with our friends over at Klaus)

  • 21 March 2023
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Hey there everyone,


I’m Sean, Customer Support Manager here at Intercom! One of my key responsibilities in my role here is to ensure the day to day and overall running of our Quality Assurance team. In order to monitor our customers' experience with our support team, we use the amazing Quality Management tool Klaus!


The Customer Support team is constantly looking to deliver and provide our customers with world class support. This approach needs to be present and active in every interaction we have with our customers in order to provide a best in class product experience. Klaus allows us to do so much in order to solidify this with Customer Support Specialists and Engineers! 


The first way we do this is through a system we call CSAT Guardian. We have set up Klaus in such a way that any time any of our specialists get a negative survey, it is sent straight to our Managers specific view for them to review. This allows us to see customer pain points, areas of improvement and try to get an insight into what could be done to make this customer interaction better in the future. It's a really powerful process that gives us the opportunity to grow as a support team.


The second way we do it is through random peer to peer reviews. We believe our Support Specialists are the best there is and that nobody has a better idea of what the gold standard of Customer Support really looks like. With this in mind, this is why we let them be the reviewers of random conversations for our specialists who are of a lower tenure in order to assist them in their development. This allows us to find knowledge gaps, coaching opportunities and builds up their ability to take on peer to peer feedback in a positive way in order to own their own development.


As we look into the year ahead, we want to expand the Quality team's vision and have it really give a better view into our product itself and Quality Assure the entire customer experience. For now however, we have a really productive, effective and highly motivated Quality team that are always there to ensure our customers are getting the best experience possible. If you have any questions or want any more insights don't be afraid to post a comment, I’d be happy to help! 

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