Ability to edit playbook (Chatbot message)


How do we edit the message in the chatbot. It currently defaults to “Are you an existing customer?”. If I answer NO, then I can have web form appear. I’d like to be able to edit that message and still have a web form appear.




Hey @jaret :wave:

So this is related to the Conversation Routing feature for Operator, and how it qualifies users afterwards, correct? There’s no way to edit that message currently, or make the Qualify feature trigger if they are a customer.

Messenger Apps also have no way to follow-up through Operator currently - they can be added on your Messenger Home, or used manually through Conversations.

It may be worth reaching out through the messenger on Intercom for more on Operator features, or look at the guide here for more :blush:



Hi Zach - I was told you have ability. I am trying to do the following:

Display a chat bot message like “Would you like to receive 10% off your next order?”. If users says “Yes” then message appear “Please enter your info phone below and we will text you a mobile coupon.” Then a form appears asking for name, phone and email.

Is this possible?



Sure thing @jaret, this flow has potential to work as a Messenger Home App - I’ve reached out via email so we can discuss this a little more on what is/isn’t possible yet :+1: See you there!