About real time messaging

Hi guys,

I tried to integrate Intercom to our React Native app. The Messenger appears nicely on both platforms. However, I sent a message from both the apps to the dashboard, and then replied, both apps didn’t automatically refresh with the newest message. Somehow the real time functionality doesn’t work.

Any idea please?

Hey there, welcome to the forum!

Just to be fully transparent, Intercom doesn’t directly support installation for React Native, but we are aware of a 3rd party developer who has developed a wrapper for integrating the Messenger with this. You can check it out here.

While this is not something that we support directly or have resources to dedicate to helping with, some of our customers have found this to work well. And just as a heads up, it’s not a repository that we own or support, so when there are issues, they tend to persist for a while longer. I would recommend reaching out to the owner of that repository for more input on this.

Thanks @andrew.r! I’m aware of that repository. I’ll also post my question there. Hopefully I can make a demo of working Intercom integration on our app so that our people can make further decision :grin:

Hi sorry for reopening this, I tried setting up a fresh Android app from scratch and then integrate Intercom with the guide from here. Found an interesting error:

Intercom realtime: No realtime endpoints present so we can’t connect

This is not related to React Native any more so I guess the problem somehow lies in the back-end part. Hopefully I could get it work soon :smiley:

Again thanks a lot for your help!