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Flutter Support:

So, a brief introduction about myself, my name is Iskander, an Intern at a startup company reworking all of its available applications using https://flutter.io. The app that I’m working on right now uses Intercom. Needless to say, Flutter is really robust, and I believe, it is the future of cross-platform development. It is open source (Yay!) and backed by big guys, Google. Unlike Xamarin, it is really productive and extremely powerful. I have seen nothing like it. Enough selling that, I am sure the mobile team at Intercom is aware of what I’m talking about.

Seeing that you provided support for Cordova & Phonegap, I think you really should consider Flutter, which I believe it is going to take over.

What motivates me to request this, is that somebody from a finance startup called Change actually implemented a limited version of a Flutter plugin that only supports registering users and opening Intercom messenger. Apparently, this is all what they needed. I am currently using this and it works like a charm so far. But users would love to have something official. You can take a look here:

Moreover, it is really easy to implement a plugin for Intercom in Flutter. If you take a look at the code in the repository I shared above, you will realize that you will not rewrite the whole thing from scratch. All what you will be doing, is creating methods that use channels to invoke methods from the already existing SDKs of iOS and Android. It is really easy and straightforward that I think it safe to assume that you won’t need more than a month (actually it is a lot of time, 15 days no more) and one developer to create the plugin/library. This also means that by maintaining the Android/iOS SDKs, the Flutter plugin invocations will be updated as long as you update to Here are a helping resource:

I hope you take this request seriously.