Access article content externally

We have a simple usecase. We want the user to click on a tooltip in our app, and we want an Intercom Article to open somewhere, on that page.

If it opens in the messenger which is present, that’s great, if we are allowed to open an iframe of some kind and load it that way that is great as well, but from what we see, and from what’s recommended by the support, we are left with the solution of scraping the content on our own, which I am not sure would be advised as best practice.

So here are a couple of questions that would be great to clarify.

Why can’t articles be accessed via external iframes?
Via at least whitelisted domains if content security is a concern.

Why isn’t there a public API for obtaining the content of articles?
When it’s obvious there is a private one.

Why isn’t there a JS method to open an article in the messenger on demand?
When it’s obvious that function exists in the messenger based on the behavior of user clicking an article in the conversation.

This carries a lot of value for us as we certainly don’t want to maintain separate support resources on same topics and are forced to open new tabs in various flows, which leads to abandonment of user flows.

thanks @Petar_Subotic for the describing the use case here.

An API for reading Articles is something we have in our radar and we’re exploring this space. Until then, I’m afraid scrapping the content is the only interim solution I can propose.

For anyone stumbling across this:

There’s this ruby lib developed by someone from Intercom for scheduled automated scraping and storing content in DB

We however opted to scrape in real time with simple php

  $url = ''.$input['article'];
  $page = file_get_contents($url);
  $modPage = str_replace('</head>', '<style>.header,.breadcrumb{display:none}</style></head>', $page );
  return $modPage;

@Petar_Subotic - Hey Petar. Just to piggy back off of what the Jean Pierre has mentioned so far.

Why can’t articles be accessed via external iframes?

In regards to why we don’t allow our Help Center to be embeddable on an iframe, this is to prevent us from opening up a security vulnerability to clickjacking. Simply whitelisting validated domains wouldn’t necessarily protext us from this specific vulnerability.

Why isn’t there a JS method to open an article in the messenger on demand?

This is simply good feedback that I can certainly pass onto our product team. Definitely see the use in something like this, and I’ll be sure to pass this along.