Adding App to Custom Bot -> "Uh oh! Looks like something went wrong."



I have an app (which was working previously) which is now getting the error “Uh oh! Looks like something went wrong.” when I try to add it as a custom bot.

I initially set the app using the instructions listed here:

It worked fine initially but something has happened and due to very vague error description I have no idea what is going on.

It potentially has something to do with regenerating the access token. I believe I changed some permissions, was required to regenerate a token, and then the app stopped working.

Any help much appreciated.


Hey Neil - definitely could be the access token if you haven’t changed it in your setup, or if you have, you may require permissions you don’t have access to any longer. What’s the app_id_code? If it’s not one of those, then whats the code/id of your app? If you’re not comfortable saying here, then it’s worth messaging in through the Intercom Messenger so we can look further :+1: