Android FCM notification not showing in system tray


My FCM notification is not working when from Intercom, i can send test message from Firebase Console and everything works properly. When message is send by Intercom, notification dosen’t appear in system tray when app is in background. But my FirebaseMessagingService onmessagereceived event always receive the notification.

So i’m lost.

Hey Richard,

Ryan from Intercom support here. Have you completed the steps in this guide?

private final IntercomPushClient intercomPushClient = new IntercomPushClient();

@Override public void onNewToken(String refreshedToken) {
intercomPushClient.sendTokenToIntercom(getApplication(), refreshedToken);

public void onMessageReceived(RemoteMessage remoteMessage) {
Map message = remoteMessage.getData();
if (intercomPushClient.isIntercomPush(message)) {
intercomPushClient.handlePush(getApplication(), message);
} else {

Yes i have done something similar, my user have to register before. So i do sendTokenToIntercom after i register my user. in onNewToken i make a copy of the token.

onMessageReceived is done the same way.

What is handlePush done, is it needed to show notification in system tray ?

Hello @Ryan_Parker,

So any idea for this problem ? And about handlePush method ?

Thank you.

Hey Richard :wave:

Does the message get received in your app by the FirebaseMessagingService onmessagereceived function?

Also, does the message from Intercom make it to the device?

I’d also recommend starting a conversation with a teammate of mine in the Intercom Messenger on your workspace so we can take a deeper dive into your setup and get to the bottom of this for you :+1: