API v2.0 and App Reports

Hi all, we’re excited to announce that we’ve officially released API v2.0 and brand-new app reports ! :tada:

The new API version makes it easier than ever to pull, analyze, and update Intercom contact and conversation data, so you can make your app more powerful and intuitive — and drive more installs. With API v2.0, you can:

  • Pull the exact data you want by filtering contacts and conversations using any combination of fields — no more worrying about rate limits or keeping excess data in sync.
  • Leverage contact and conversation data more easily by retrieving contacts using a single endpoint for both users and leads and by accessing new attributes, more granular timestamps, and out-of-the-box metrics.
  • Make your tool’s data invaluable by creating and updating custom data attributes and systematically tagging conversations so that customers can better target and personalize their conversations.

Plus, you can understand how your app is doing and how to improve it with the new app reports, where you can view app installs and uninstalls over time, as well as feedback from users who have uninstalled the app.

Update your API version, or learn more about version 2.0 and the new search capability. Plus, check out your new app reports.