API v2.0 Create user and lead

Hi guys,

I have an issue when I try to create contact with type user in intercom, even if I put in role field “user” api creates only lead. Example query:
POST https://api.intercom.io/contacts
“role”: “user”,
“external_id”: “25”,
“email”: “fdsafdas@serenity.io”,
“last_seen_at”: 1571069751,
“signed_up_at”: 1571069751

But this entity is being listed in admin as a lead, not user.
Does somebody know why this happens? Am I missing something?

is it possible they already existed as lead and instead you should be updating to contact?

thanks for contributing!

The thing is I tried random non-existing emails(at all, and in our intercom too), they are still leads :frowning:

What about the API version you’re using? Perhaps you’re still using a 1.x version? (which uses /contacts for leads only. Are you specifying the 2.0 version in your request header?

Looks like it does work.

was it the API version?

yes, as long as this is not clear from doc on how to use v2.0 properly.

100% agree - they put that in a totally different place, should go right at the top of the api docs.