App uninstalls just got refreshed!


Dear community :wave:

Enzo speaking from Intercom.

We wanted to share that we recently shipped to everyone a big improvement on how apps uninstalls are handled.

:ship: What’s new?

  • We tell users uninstalling apps where the apps are being actively used so that they are warned about what will stop working (which outbound messages, which bots, homescreen, inboxes, etc) and we fully redesigned the uninstall confirmation modal for that. We also send email notifications to admin(s) and the teammate who uninstalled apps.

  • We now handle gracefully all scenarios where an uninstalled app was being used: eg. we stop the bot, we remove the app from homescreen, stop the message and handle apps inserted in old conversations.

  • When apps are uninstalled from a workspace it is no longer possible to insert them.

Hope you folks like it!

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