Assign conversation

Hey guys,

I would like to assign a new conversation to a specific team.
For this i need the ‘id’ of the conversation.
But when I POST a conversation to /conversations endpoint (v2), I get the next response:

    "type": "user_message",
    "id": "576274001",
    "created_at": 1592394973,
    "body": "*****",
    "message_type": "inapp"

This ‘id’ is not eligible to search for the conversation.

My question: How do I retrieve ‘id’ of the new conversation in order to assign it to the team/admin?

Or is there any other way to create and assign a new conversation?

Thank you,

Hey @robin.koinov, as far as I know you created a message (not a conversation), so your response is a message.

In Intercom conversations are only created when a contact replies to them or initiate the conversation, otherwise it’s considered just an outbound message to engage with them.