Attach custom data to the user / organization with a custom Bot



We are building a Feedback app for Intercom, the operator can send a Feedback link and our bot will handle the content, IFRAME to receive the Feedback and so on.

We got that part, so far so good, looks great. We also linked the discussion ID back to the Feedback. Works fine.

However, we are having trouble attaching custom attributes back to the User on Intercom (or Organization). We calculate a Satisfaction Ratio and would like to have it set up as a custom attributes so it can be used for segmentation purpose on Intercom.

So my question is: What is the best way to attach data back to the Intercom user from a custom Intercom App ? -> Backend / Frontend, what API shall we call? This happen at the end, when the Feedback is done, could be async.

Note that we are still in the development mode and no user attached to our app.

Many thanks for the help :slight_smile:



Hey @FForest :wave: Use the Users API - you can make a call to create/update a user, and can provide custom attributes within the body of the POST request. Take a look through that link to see what you’ll need to provide as the identifier for the user.