Attributes icons?




As I was listing the User attributes using

I was interested by a way to get/guess the icon to illustrate the attribute.

The same way you do it in the “Ask a Question” messenger app.

Thanks for your help


Hey @picsoung :wave:

No way to do this through our API as of just yet - however, it’s easy to work out the icons yourself as the only ones with images are standard attributes, and all custom attributes have the two arrows facing either way. What’s the use case here?


Thanks @zach for your answer!

I was trying to add more visual feedback to my canvas, and I suppose that people are already used to see these icons, so it’s a good way to add consistency.

I almost feel that could be a built-in component, custom attributes, with icons

I initially thought about using a list with icons, but in the end it will probably be a dropdown, but I can’t add icons there :cry:


Interesting, thanks for the feature request - the closest for now is to use emojis in any text. It’s not the same, but if you need visuals to populated attributes, then it’s the best option!