Bot Automation and Workflows


Hi guys
We have about 3 use cases for which we’d always like to use bots

  1. Mailchimp signup - It doesn’t look like you’ve got anything out of the box for this, as everything seems to be captured and mapped within Intercom, rather than allowing a push to external systems

  2. Registering a product - until I’ve mapped out the user journey, I’d like this to send an email with a fixed data payload for processing

  3. Sending an image and some metadata

We’d like each of these to be available, unless a user has already registered on the mailing list, as we’d expect multiple products to be registered at different times.
Is that something we can achieve with Intercom? Ideally we’d never have human operators, and we’d just offline conversations via email.



Hey Scott :wave:

At the moment, the only integration with Mailchimp that might be helpful for your use case is the Mailchimp Subscribe app, which can be installed on your Messenger home screen to push new subscribers to your Mailchimp mailing lists. That said, this will only push new subscribers that interact specifically with that app from Intercom into Mailchimp.

For the other two points, could you give us a few more details about your use case and what this would look like for the end user? Would you be ideally looking to setup a task or custom bot via Operator, or would your team be more inclined to triggering messages via our REST API?

Without too many extra details, it sounds like ‘Registering a product’ could be accomplished by setting up an auto message that’s triggered by events, while your third point of sending an image could be accomplished via the REST API. :+1:



Thanks @kayl.p
The Mailchimp subscribe app might do the job - I’ll look more into that today.

So for the use cases, we are planning on giving away a number of coded tags for an MVP launch so people need to be able to register those in the system, so I’d be inclined to create the registration using the RESTful API - but until we are at that point, it could be event driven.
I’ll read up more on events and see if that will solve my problem
Many thanks