Build an app, and no response from the review team for over a month

We built an app for our own benefit, and thought it might help other fellow Intercom users. So we published it. It took the review team two weeks to respond and asked us to update a few things. And we did and submitted again. Then, we heard nothing for a month. The customer support told us that

Our team that reviews apps is currently off site so it is taking some time to get an answer from them.

Do Intercom actually want people building apps on their App Store?

Hey @he9qi :wave:

Firstly, thanks so much for reaching out here with this feedback. I understand exactly why you’d feel upset about any delays to reviews, particularly when you commit your time to build upon our platform - which I can assure you, we do want you to do!

I’ve been talking to someone on your team already about this but will post it here - there’s definitely been some less than ideal miscommunication. We did attempt to pass on feedback by reaching out about this review a good while ago, but as we’ve explained to your colleague, it appears that email never made it’s way to anyone your side. Sorry on this front, it’s our mistake and something we’ll ensure doesn’t happen going forward :pray:

This app has been reviewed since and, as mentioned, we’ve been in talks with your team to get this out there as soon as possible. Excited to see this on our App Store and a huge thanks for building on our platform from all us here at Intercom :tada: