Building a sync app - setup/

Hi, I want to build an app that syncs users to a third party service. So there will no interaction in the messenger. I’m confused how to set up the initial configuration screen after folks would install the app. Is that the ? Most examples and how-to focus on a messenger app. Also in the app settings I do not want to click on any of the messenger frame work activities , since there is no messenger frame work activity. So can anybody point me in any direction. An example is for instance the clearbit app. How are those configuration screens built.
thanks very much

Hey @jermal - that’s only for those apps using our Canvas Ki and want to be embedded within the Intercom Messenger.

Otherwise, configuration/setup should be done on your own product/website, or during install (ie. redirect them back after approving OAuth scopes to a page on your own product to sign-in/setup features) :+1: