Building forms, surveys and polls for Intercom

Hi, there :wave:

For those who are interested in more custom forms/surveys solutions I created integration that was designed especially for Intercom to solve all your problems. :blush:

Here is link to application:

Basically my integration allows you to create fully customisable forms and surveys using simple Form Editor and templates. Whole setup takes only a few minutes and you can start gathering important data from your users instantly.

Here is a video of how it works:

Few of possible uses of NativeForms:

  • Feature Request
  • Introduce yourself
  • Bug Report
  • Website Feedback
  • Demographic survey
  • Schedule a call
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey - NPS
  • Join our Newsletter
  • File Upload

What features do we provide?

  • Easy to use Form Editor
  • Admin panel
  • Email notifications
  • Offline forms
  • Webhooks
  • 9 unique types of questions
  • Secure File Upload
  • Export data to .CSV
  • Tutorials and templates

Also I look for companies that would like to cooperate with me to improve my product and test it in production :wink: I offer my hand in setting up integration and adding features you will need. If you are interested please reach me out.

Have a great day :smiley: