Can you invoke an app from within a conversation?


Is this scenario possible?

  • User starts a conversation in intercom
  • Depending on some logic, the system automatically starts to show cards and canvases.
  • If the user still hasn’t been helped, they can “ping” a teammate to get more information
  • Alternatively, the system can decide depending on what the user did to connect them with a team member


Hi Viksit,
At the moment it is not possible to automatically show cards in a conversation. You can add it to the home screen or directly into the conversation.
You can see here in the docs that we are planning on making apps available automatically via Operator and via Auto messages. These are features that are not available yet.

In terms of pinging a teammate, you will always be in a conversation so you can simply reachout to a teammate as you normally would if that suits your use case?

Let me know if that helps clarify your queries