Can't use iOS SDK with SwiftUI project


I am developing an app in SwiftUI ( but the launcher never displays.
And when I try to do a presentMessenger nothing happens (of course I did all the necessary configuration that are written in the installation guide).

Is this a problem that is known? Do you envisage a fix?

Thank you

Hey there Adrien :wave:

It looks like SwiftUI uses iOS 13 which is still in beta. At the moment our SDK only supports iOS 8 through 12 so that could be causing issues:

Once we update our SDK so support iOS 13 then we should have a better idea if there’s any compatibility issues with SwiftUI.

Do let us know if you’re stilling running into issues with SwiftUI once we release the update :+1:

Hey again Adrien,

Just wanted to update you that version 5.5.0 of our iOS SDK has been released which supports iOS 13. If you’re still running into issues while using the latest version of our SDK then do let us know :slightly_smiling_face: