Canvas Kit Sheets iFrame SSL Issue (Apple Pay)


I’m using Canvas Kit Sheets to open up an embedded webpage inside of Intercom. The page that I’m embedding has an Apple Pay button. When I navigate to it inside of Intercom, I’m getting a console error:

InvalidAccessError: Trying to start an Apple Pay session from a document with an different security origin than its top-level frame.

I noticed that the iFrame that Intercom uses to wrap the Sheets HTML doesn’t have a src attribute, which is why Apple Pay is throwing that error and not initializing.

Does anybody have any ideas to get around this?

I assume I can’t edit the attributes on the iFrame that Intercom is programmatically applying but I’m thinking that if the src attribute started with https:// then Apple Pay would initialize properly.

Hi buddy, facing same issue. Thou I have closed all background processes still. Did you get any way out yet?

Sloth Smith