Clicking on the push notification on iPhone X when the app is closed does nothing


When receiving a push notification from Intercom on the iPhone X and the app is closed, clicking on that push notification just opens our App and does not do anything apart from that.

When you click on the push notification with the App running in the background, it works correctly and opens up the Intercom message.

This has been tested against the iPhone 5C, iPhone 6S and it correctly opens the messages when the app is closed or is in the background.

We are using the latest version of the official Intercom Cordova plugin

Does anyone have any ideas at all? I’m unable to create an issue on the Github project as the issues tab has been disabled.


We’re able to replicate the issue using the react-native intercom plugin, which is based on the intercom-cordova plugin. Has there been any movement on this issue?


Hey there :wave: Niall here, one of the Support Engineers at Intercom.

We are tracking an issue about this internally, I’ll report back here once I have an update. Thanks for letting us know on this.


We’re experiencing the same issue. We’re not able to engage with our users and have had to resort to using another tool (Mixpanel) to send push notification to our users. This needs to be the highest priority for Intercom.


Hi Everybody :wave: This is now fixed in version 5.1.10 :+1:


Thanks Niall, we’ll give that a whirl! :mage: