Configure not being called?


Hi :wave: I noticed that my configure URL is not being called. I verified that my configure URL is saved in the settings. I know it’s not being called because my log of HTTP requests only has initialize being called.

I’m not sure how to fix, so I welcome any thoughts! Thank you in advance.


Hey @jenna - if your app is Private (ie. it’s not been approved when going through the review process), and you’ve updated the Framework settings to include the Configure URL, then it should be instantly applied upon saving. This means it should always be called when you go to add the app on the teammates side.

I think it’s wise to take this privately so we can grab some more details from you. Can you write in through the Messenger referencing this? :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s been a couple days since I was working on our Intercom Messenger app, and the configure endpoint is now being called! So it took a while for the configure URL to propagate?


That’s a strange one - the change should be relatively instant from when you save to when you add the Messenger in one of the given locations. If you (or anyone else stumbling upon this thread) see it happening again, let me know!


I just changed the configure URL, and it took around 15 minutes to propagate.