Confused on how to specify sheet url - help appreciated



There seem to be two places where a sheet URL can be specified:
  1. Within the JSON for an action, e.g.,

action: {“type”: “sheet”,“url”: “”}

  1. Entering a sheet url in the Configure -> Messenger framework -> Sheets flow webhook URL. See screenshot below for reference.

Which one should I be specifying?

Thanks in advance



@krishna these are actually two different flows.

The first one, in the “action” causes a sheet to open, with the URL you provide rendered inside the iFrame of the sheet.

An optional second step, is to use the Messenger Sheet JS Library to ‘submit’ the sheet, which closes it, and sends any optional data (perhaps collected through a form)

This ‘submit’ event is posted to you from Intercom via the Sheets Webhook URL which is configureable through the app console in your second screenshot.



@robertrawlins has nailed it on the head here :slightly_smiling_face: More on the submit-sheet flow is also here. We could do a better job of labelling this however in the product to clarify the difference - I’ll pass it on!



For what’s its worth; I stumbled upon the same issue as @krishna.

Most confusing is the line “Use this URL to render its content”. Where it reads like “its” refers to the sheets :slight_smile: instead of the sheet POST action component content.