Connecting to my Intercom account


Just trying to get a grip with the Intercom API, I’ve created a DEV app and have the access keys but I can’t see where the connection is between my Intercom account and my dev account.

I’ve used a different email to create my Dev account is there why I can’t access any of my data.

If there any python examples that would be great, thanks



Hey @Bautizar :wave:

Any workspaces are linked to your admin, which will need to use the same login. If you’re using a different email, then it will be separate. You should use the same email if you want them to be linked under your admin :+1:

For Python, we currently have no dedicated SDK and therefore no real examples. Good to know you’d like to see this natively though :slightly_smiling_face:



Thanks, I’ve connected now through the main account.

Just finding it difficult to connect and read information.

If I create anything of use for other python dev’s I’ll put it on Github.