Consolidating Leads and Users




I often have messages coming in from newly created leads, but that correspond to an existing user. This needs to be consolidated. There is a route in the public API that allows to do exactly that. So, I’m using postman to complete this.

Now, I want to give admin people the possibility to do this as well. Postman is too complicated for this. I would like to offer them the possibility to achieve this consolidation from within the Intercom user interface.

Any ideas on how this can be achieved? Thanks.


Hi David :wave:

Danielle from Intercom support here!

Currently, if lead to user merging doesn’t happen automatically due to session cookie then using the REST API is the only way to combine those lead and user profiles. I’d be happy to let the team know that you’d like a way to set this up through the UI though! I can see how using the API wouldn’t be the best solution for everyone on your team as that does require a bit of technical work.

Right now we don’t have this option available directly through the UI for security purposes - merging a lead into a user then gives that lead access to the user’s data such as previous conversations so it’s really important to only do this when you can confirm that the lead is the same person as the user (which is why we rely on session cookies). As you can use the API to merge this information anyways though, a less technical option would be helpful. :relaxed:

Let me know if you have any other questions about that!


Hello Danielle

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question, but that information doesn’t really help me.

I am looking for a hack or workaround.

For example, when a Lead receives the tag ‘merge’, a webhook is triggered, which will automatically run a script (that I will code & host) which does the merging through the REST API. But, I don’t think the API supports tag webhooks.

So if anyone has experience with solutions like this. I would be very happy to hear about it!