Contacts API released to unstable version

We’ve released to early access a new strictly RESTful API that combines Users and Leads into a single, more powerful API.

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New Contacts API

The Contacts API enables you to:

  • Access Users and Leads with a single endpoint.
  • Easily pull the exact contact(s) you need by looking up or filtering contacts by any combination of fields, full search capabilities.
  • Better leverage customer data by accessing newly-exposed attributes, like last_contacted_at and browser_version.
  • Access all of your contacts without restrictions with a new cursor-based pagination.

New rate limits

Also, we massively increased rate limits :tada: Now, each public app is allowed up to 1,000 API calls per minute per customer workspace.

How to access it

This is now available in our Unstable API version. To access Unstable you can either migrate your app from the app dashboard in the Developer Hub or add Intercom-Version: Unstable in the HTTP header of your API calls.

There is one breaking change: the Leads endpoint has been renamed from “Contacts” to “Leads.”

Our future plans

  • We expect to release the Contacts API in January, under API version 2.0, along with other new API changes.
  • In 2.0, the Users API and Leads API will be deprecated.
  • We’ll be also releasing version 1.5 at the same time to make it easier to migrate your app.
  • We plan to provide SDK support for 2.0 starting with Ruby.

We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback!