Conversation Note URL Problem

Hey all,

we are currently trying to build an messenger app integration with Intercom and encountered a problem where we created a conversation note containing a button with an URL. The URL must have three URL parameters and the concatenation of URL parameters via ‘&’ results in the intercom chat to be encoded as &amp. The URL we send is correct, but somehow intercom replaces the & with & .

To be more concrete, we create the conversation note in the following way:
UserReply reply = new UserReply(conversation.getUser());
reply.setBody("<a> Go to shared screen ");
Conversation.reply(conversation.getId(), reply);

Is there any solution where the &-symbol can to be encoded to be correctly usable in the chat?

When we just set the url as reply-body, the encoding does not take places, but then the link is is not clickable ;(

Best regards,

Hey Markus, :wave:

Thanks for flagging this with us, looks like you’ve come across a bug on this.

I’ve sent you a message about this via Intercom, so we can log your report and follow up when it is resolved.