Conversation_part.tag.created webhook bugs


We’ve been using the new conversation_part.tag.created webhook and have encountered what appear to be a couple bugs. I’ve written in to support on this as well, but figured I’d share here in case others are experience anything like this.

  • The webhook payload includes information about the conversation_part that was tagged, including it’s type. However, it appears that this is incorrectly being sent as comment in certain cases. Namely, when a user initiates a message, the first message has the type of user-message (found using the built-in “copy link” feature within a conversation), but the webhook payload sets type to comment
  • The webhook payload includes information about the user the conversation is with. However, it looks like the type is being sent as lead instead of contact (at least in some cases).

Let me know if you have any insight on these issues! Excited to have this new webhook topic available.



Hey Kyle, :wave:

Thanks for reaching out about this. You’re right – the person’s “type” was adjusted from “contact” to “lead” for this brand new webhook payload. It definitely wasn’t our intention to make this change without some sort of notification ahead of time to developers like yourself. :see_no_evil:

As you’re aware, we’ve been planning to migrate the descriptor contacts over to leads in our API to align better with the rest of Intercom’s system. We haven’t set a definitive date for when that would happen but do plan to give plenty of advance notice when we land on a definitive date.

And the API team has been working on a more robust versioning system for our public REST API to better facilitate updates and changes as Intercom’s system continues to grow.

With all of that in mind, we’re going to leave this conversation_part tagged webhook’s person type as a lead instead of reverting it back to contact for now. (Note: For a user, this would still be a user type)

For the message type issue you mentioned, my teammate Andrew has gone ahead and flagged the issue for investigation by our product team – so thank you for bringing that to our attention! Once there’s an update on it, we’ll reach out and let you know! :+1:



Thanks for the update Josh!