Crash on iOS 13.1

It seems that the root cause of apps crashing in the background is as a result of a bug in iOS 13. Apps are being aggressively killed by the OS when they go into the background. This is a widely reported bug for iOS 13 and is even affecting Apple’s on native apps.
When the system kills the the app, it produces a stacktrace that gives a current snapshot of what is currently executing. Intercom runs a background task for 20 seconds when the app is backgrounded. This is done following Apple’s guidelines for background tasks and is well within the limit for background execution time. The reason that Intercom shows up in this stacktrace is because the app is being killed while Intercom is still running a background process.

From further research we have done on this, its clear that apps that have an NSFileProtectionComplete specified in their entitlements file are killed sooner than apps that don’t.
There’s not much Intercom can do about this except wait for Apple to fix this iOS 13 bug.
Just note that the stacktrace that is appearing for this is not as a result of Intercom causing a crash, it’s simply because Intercom is running as a background task when iOS kills the app.

I hope this provides clarification on this issue for you all. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Update 2
Apple have released 13.3 Beta and this seems to resolve the issue with apps being aggressively killed in the background.
This will resolve the issue reported in this thread.


Thanks, I will keep you posted if that is fixing the crashes we have

Update 3
This is actually fixed in iOS 13.2.1
No need to wait for 13.3 to be released.

I confirm this is now fixed! :partying_face: