Deleting/Archiving In App Messages

I’m currently using the inApp messenger of intercom as a notification center for a react web app, sending messages from my server when some events occurs. (API sent messages)

This could lead to a number of messages not read, that will keep showing in the badge as well. The clear all will only hide the new messages.

Marking every conversation closed doesn’t seem to change anything as the unread badge is still there. It would be nice to have a way for the user to mark every conversation as read, or a way to archive/delete every conversation are there some APIs to do that or some settings for the inApp messenger?

Hey @Matteo_Semeraro :wave: There’s no way to mark a message as read on the end users side through the API, nor is there a way to delete them via the API (you can manually do so via the UI which will also remove them from end users Messenger’s).

Closing a conversation is an admin based function too - it’s never shown on the end users side.

What’s the reason for not wanting to show this unread count to users? What number of unread messages would you consider too much for the badge to show? What’s your ideal feature/.method to prevent this?

Hi Zach, thanks for the reply

Is not much as don’t want to show the unread count, but treating the messages as a way to have an inApp notifications system, the user would sometimes receive a message inApp and know what’s happening without having to open the message.

As such, messages could accumulate and then the user would have to go through everyone of them and open them to mark as read. When is up to 5 or even needed to load older messages, this could be annoying. It would be nice to have at least a mark all as read, similar to every mail services.

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Yeah that’s definitely a nice product feature request for end users to mark all messages as read :+1: Thanks for letting us know!