Deleting logged events of user

Hi, I am using intercom for the iOS app and installed the library via cocoapods. I have registered the user, logged some events. Is there a way to delete the logged events of user from the app? From the API’s there is a way to delete the entire contact using contact id but I cannot get any contact id from library in app. How can I delete the entire user data from the iOS app?

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It currently is not possible to delete events for a user. That said you can see the contact’s id in the Intercom UI, and then use the REST API or even the UI itself to delete a user if you’d like.

If you have any other questions there be sure to let us know!

Hi andrew, is there any way to delete the contact from the library in iOS?

This operation can only be done from the REST API.

You would need to Search for the person using the external_id value first (if you don’t have the id value already) –

And then make the Delete Contact call with that information: