displayConversationsList() usage

Hi Intercom! I have a small question.

According to the doc, displayMessenger will open the composer if there’s no message. In my case, I want to open the list regardless the unread messages which now can be fulfilled by displayConversationsList(). However, that method is deprecated now. Will it be safe if I just use displayConversationsList() ? Are you planning to remove it in near future?

Thank you!:raised_hands:


Dan here from the support team.

Once it’s been deprecated, it can be removed at any time, however we don’t an ETA on when or if this will be removed. It won’t affect existing versions of your app where you have the SDK, but it may be removed in a future release at which point you would have to use the displayMessenger() method instead.

Thanks for your reply!
I see… In the meantime we’ll use displayConversationsList() then. If the intercom team add methods for showing the list and display the composer separately that would be nice! :blush: