Does archiving a user make the user unsubscribed from email?


Hi, I’m new to Intercom APIs and seeing this documentations: archiving users. I’d like to make sure that the user gets unsubscribed from email when archived. However, I can’t see any of those details regarding unsubscribing. The question should be that should I call another APIs or is unsubscribing done simply by calling archiving users?



Hey @shun - when a user gets archived, they don’t get unsubscribed from emails, just removed as a user :ok_hand: That means you would have to add them again to email them however.

If you wanted to unsubscribe them before you archive them, then you should make a call to update the user with unsubscribed_from_emails: true in the request body.



Thanks. I will follow the instruction :+1: .

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