Doubts about the using of Chatbots inside Messenger



Not sure if I understood correctly the concept of Custom Bots and Answer Bots inside Operator.

As far as I known, you normally setup the “Messenger” on your WebPage, and that Messenger can integrates several apps, and allow the visitor to communicate with the “Inbox”, where any of the users of your team can pick up the conversation and answer him… However, I do not see a way to include inside the messenger an application that is a chatbot (that points to the operator and the chatbot you may have there).

How are chatbot included on the messenger ?


Hey Andres :wave:

I totally understand the confusion here. Answer bot and Custom bots have so many exciting and cool new aspects that it can be a little bit tough to get your head around at first.

So let’s dive in and clear that up for you :nerd_face:

Answer Bot and custom bots don’t really behave like apps. Instead they are built into the messenger. Each can behave a little differently so I’ll break down for you how and when you can expect them to jump in.

Custom Bots: Custom bots are our proactive bots. Instead of waiting for your customer to ask a question custom bots will proactively message them, you can decide when and to who when designing your bot. If the customer chooses to interact with the bot they’ll go through the bot flow you design. If they decide not to interact they can just dismiss the bot message like any other message on your site. We have some more details on custom bots here if you’d like to check it out!

Answer Bot: Answer bot is a more reactive bot. If your customer opens the messenger and asks you a question in a new conversation Answer bot can automatically suggest an answer for them. The best part is you can train the bot to recognise all different kinds of questions and even make your own custom answer :raised_hands:

If you’d like more information on how that works we have some great resources here too.

I hope that helps to clear it up for you but feel free to reach out again if you have any more questions.