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I see if we put only one item in a single select component, it gives us error. (btw, please update error part of the system, we should know what the error is). I’m filling that component dynamically. Now, I have to look the count of the list and if there is more items than 1, I use single select component, if the list has only one item, I need to use another component.

Would you change single select component that can have only one item?



Hey @volkan :wave:

It’s not currently possible to have the Single Select component with only one option - this is because it’s intended to capture a choice from either the teammate or end user.

For now, you’l need to keep doing what you said and check the count of the list (ie. how many things you’e populating dynamically) in order to determine what component is rendered in the canvas.

Any use case so we can understand the feature request would be helpful :+1: What’s the error you’re getting likewise, and what would you prefer it to display?



As I remember, it says, “something is wrong” but I’m not sure exactly.

I’m expecting an error that tell me “the single select component can’t have only one item” or if you can’t supply these details “there is a problem with the single select component set up”.

And I think my request is still ok. A teammate or an end user can still select only one option from the list and send it without problem. I think we should decide which is proper or not proper way to do it. :man_cook:



Thanks Volkan!

CC @patrick.andrews

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