Filtering by Tagged Conversations - Inbox

Is there a way within Intercom Inbox where the following scenario would be possible:

  • A user starts a conversation with an agent (Agent A). After some conversation has occurred, the agent recognizes this chat should be seen by a co-worker on Team B, but everyone on Team B is currently busy and the user would like to continue chatting with Agent A in the meantime.
  • Agent A “tags” the conversation “for Team B”. When someone from Team B is free, they know to search for messages marked “for Team B” at which point they can take over from Agent A.

So, the issues here are “search for a tagged conversation that’s still assigned to another agent”, mainly.

Hey @erintoth, I think this is possible pretty easily. Here I show you how I’d do it w/ Tray, but you could likely do it w/ Zapier or if you have dev resources have them set up a little service. Basically create a webhook that listens for the conversation_part.tag.created event, then look for a specific tag name (e.g., teamB.notice) in your little service, if you see a certain tag send an email w/ a specific subject line that you then use routing rules to assign to the different teams you want to notify. Did a quick video to explain: