Finish designing your bot

I’m trying to build a custom bot based on a new inbound conversation. But every time I try to make it live, it tells me to “Finish designing your bot”. But I’ve reviewed the questions/flow and don’t see anything else I need to do.

Hi Allen! :wave:

A couple things to double-check here would be:

  • Do any of the steps of your bot have a grey dot instead of a green checkmark on them? If so, click into those to see what action is needed.
  • Particularly on the Create step (step 1): are there any paths that have a red exclamation mark next to the name? If you hover on that icon, you’ll see what steps need to be taken in order for the step to be considered complete.

If you’ve checked those two things, but still can’t set your bot live, let me know – I can reach out to you directly in Intercom to take a peek at a specific example :smile: