"Gather Messenger App data" permission


Hey forum,

What's the "Gather Messenger App data" permission useful for? The description below that permission is the following: "Gather data via Messenger Apps", which doesn't make it very clear. What kind of data can be collected via Messenger apps? And where would that be stored? 



Hey @krishna - the text perhaps isn’t the best here, but what we’re trying to convey is that interactions with Apps in the Messenger can result in data being stored, submitted, and used. It doesn’t necessarily have to, but apps using the Messenger Framework should have this scope ticked by default so users can give permission for these interactions to happen :+1:


I see, @zach. Thanks. Mind confirming the must have or bare minimum scopes needed for apps using the Messenger framework? I mucked my settings up in preparation for a public release, and now am not sure what all are needed :(.

Are those the following:

  • Gather messenger app data
  • Read one admin
  • Read one user and one company?



Sure - the bare minimum is Gather Messenger app data whereby you may not need to access anything from Intercom, but instead take any inserted data in from (or out to) your own service.

The rest of the scopes you mention are only if you are making calls via the API to identify the admin and/or user. If you need more help narrowing it down, then let me know :slightly_smiling_face: