Get user_id on live canvas


Hey there!

Not sure if I am missing something but is there a way to retrieve the user id on live canvas? I don’t see how that Shopify order tracking app would be possible if not.

Webhooks don’t seem to include the user_id in the context on the ‘home’ page.

Anyone figured that out yet?


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I was just about to post the exact same message. It seems the ‘user’ object is only posted in case of a submit call or a sheet request, but not on the live content_url call. Without the user_id in the live canvas there is no way to personalize the home screen. This is needed for example to show a text message instead of a question form if the form is already filled in once.

Could you please add this?


Glad to know I am not the only one searching for this :grimacing:

It’s gotta be somewhere, otherwise the Shopify live order tracking wouldn’t be possible…

This chart clearly shows that the user in is ‘context’



I see, reading this post:

Looks like the Shopify app requires you to first interact with the canvas and then renders the orders. So presumably the user_id will be within that action call.

I wish we had the user_id within the context right off the bat!

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Thanks everyone! This is super feedback. Better user context has (obviously) come up a lot so it’s high on the list. Stay tuned…


I’ll toss my hat in too for getting the user_id from the start. Without it, displaying a contextual message for the user seems much more difficult.

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Agreed! This would not only be useful, but should really be a “must have” to implement features that provide a high level of personalisation.

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Hey folks, we’ve just released some updates to the framework that will give you access to the user object (and more context) on every end-user facing webhook. We’ve also released some new components :wink:. Check out this post for more details and links to the docs.

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