Getting started with Messenger App development


Hello all,

I am trying to create the simplest possible Messenger app to test things out.
After reading the docs, I created a Serverless service which returns a single component on init and logs the event on submit.

Unfortunately, I get an Internal Server Error message when trying to add my app to the Messenger.

Here is a Github repository I created to show you where I am - and what I did wrong:

Any input on how to get started would be greatly appreciated!




You need to wrap the response in a canvas object in your init call.



Thank you for your answer Marcel, it’s working now. I’ll keep updating the repo if anyone else needs an example to get started!



my problem is also this one.



@volkan I just updated the repo. If you have an account on AWS, you’ll just have to clone it, install dependencies and create a new Serverless service to make it work

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Thank you @hugovillain, I was struggling to find out why I’m getting this error then I read this post. When we read the doc, we have to mix two part of the documentation to find out how to create a canvas. Now, I don’t have a problem on this.

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