getVisitorId in the context of a [DEV] app


[EDIT: just found the discussion about ngrok and cookies in the “Is it possible to trigger clientside JavaScript from a Messenger App?” I’m using ngrok for app development; just tested using localhost to load my test page, and Intercom('getVisitorId') works. Sorry to have posted before finding the other thread. Possibly this deserves a FAQ entry somewhere, as ngrok is a really useful tool for doing app development, and the link between cookies and the getVisitorId API call might not be obvious to folks]


The client side javascript call Intercom('getVisitorId') is returning undefined for me, when used in the context of the [DEV] app that Intercom staff kindly set up as a Messenger app development environment. (Other js functions, like Intercom('hide') work as expected.)

Perhaps relatedly, the intercom-id-XXXXXXX cookie does not get set. And the Messenger UX never shows the “See previous” link or the “Your conversation” box.

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, but I’d very much appreciate pointers about why this might be happening. I’ve compared with our code/setup in our production Intercom app, where we use that call. There are some configuration differences that I can’t easily factor out, but nothing that looks relevant, to me.

Is there anything that would/should prevent visitor ids and the cookie from being set for [DEV] apps?

Thank you,