Harvestr : manage user feedback, prioritize features and communicate on your roadmap, all in one place


Hi folks :v:

I am Valentin, one of the three cofounders of Harvestr : a product management platform that makes it easy for product teams to manage user feedback, prioritize features and communicate on their roadmap, all in one place !

Today, we are very proud to launch Harvestr on the Intercom Apps Marketplace :partying_face:

We have built this integration with the vision that drives us: help product managers develop the best digital experiences by listening carefully to their users and by engaging them all along the product development process.

With Harvestr, you can escalate Intercom conversations that contain valuable customer feedback to your product team, who will then be able to turn it into actual features faster, and decrease workload for support agents.

Support teams working in Intercom will also get live updates about how feedback is being managed in Harvestr, making it super easy to close the feedback loop with customers and provide them with an amazing great service experience.

We would be super happy to have you guys among our pioneers so come and check us on the Apps Marketplace.


Amazing! :tada: Great to hear @val_harvestr.io. Best of luck with the launch. Are you all going to be launching the app on Product Hunt as well?


Incredible app @val_harvestr.io - great to see it make it’s way to the Intercom App Store :raised_hands:


Thanks Jeff, yes it’s planned for the coming months, will keep you posted about that :wink:


hey @jeff, Harvestr is now live on Producthunt :slight_smile: