Hide messenger and outbound message


Is there a way to hide Intercom’s messenger along with visible outbound messages in one function call?

I have a scenario where I need to do both and I’m currently calling:

Intercom(‘update’, { hide_default_launcher: true });

This works but there is a flash of the open messenger panel before it closes.


Hey Ian,

You will need to setup a rule for each of these outbound messages individually - as hiding the Messenger launcher will only hide the launcher (icon) itself and not the outbound messages that you have set to send on a particular page.

Let us know if you have any questions there!

Thanks for the reply.

I should have clarified that I wanted to hide the outbound message along with the bubble when a modal window was activated. I had the bubble hide but the outbound message continued to overlay the modal. I worked around it by changing the modal’s z-index to be greater than that of Intercom’s.

My next question is similar but based on scroll position. I know how to toggle the bubble based on the scroll position but is there a way through Intercom’s settings or by using an event to trigger an outbound message appearing?