How and why to communicate with your most active customers

Making sure your messages are only reaching the right customers has never been more important. I’m sure over the past few weeks you’ve all received a Coronavirus email from a business you haven’t thought about in years. It’s not a great experience.

Here are some ways my teammate Jack has listed to help you reach your most active and engaged users.

  1. Opt for in-app messages over emails as this will reach a user in the most relevant context
  2. Filter your audience to those who have recently logged-in, made a purchase, sent you a message, read an email or shown any other sign of fresh engagement with your company
  3. If you’re sending emails, do it in smaller batches to avoid being marked as spam
  4. Ensure you remove any lapsed, dormant or former clients from your target audience

You can read more about this is Jack’s blog post: Tips for using Intercom to help with your COVID-19 response