How do I auto close tickets based on message text

After bulk marketing distributions, our Intercom instance gets flooded with incoming opt out messages (all read “STOP”). I want to set a rule to automatically close the tickets based on specific text contained in the message (e.g., if text = ‘stop’, then disposition=close).

This is a thread from our community which seems very similar to this question. Here’s the best answer I could come up with (a bit of a workaround). I’m just an Intercom partner ( so it’s likely an Intercom employee knows a bit more here.

Set up an assignment rule to assign to the bot inbox if the email subject is X and the message contains the keyword, automatic reply.

Then, you auto close bot convos when no response. This might work. Even if it doesn’t you would have all those conversations assigned in the bot inbox which would allow you to bulk close them since you can only bulk close when you’re in an inbox:

Let me know if you want to connect further on this and I can share some added context.