How to assign input text as a variable

Using canvas kit input action url, how do I actually use the input text?

{ type: ‘text’, text: ‘Knowledgebase Search’, style: ‘header’ },
“type”: “input”,
“id”: “unsaved-2”,
“placeholder”: “Enter input here…”,
“save_state”: “unsaved”,
“action”: {
“type”: “url”,
“url”: “
// how can I add the text input to my query above?

Hey @fermanagh_24 :wave:

For that it’s not going to be possible - we don’t even send a payload when a URL action happens. We simply open a new tab and navigate to the given URL. You’d need to know the input before to populate it.

Based on the use case above, best practice would be to replace that with a submit action and show the first few results for the knowledgebase search in a list component. You can then link out to each article with a URL action for the list items and have a ‘Show more results’ button that links to URL you gave with the query.