How to deal with API data inconsistencies?


Every once in a while I come across some strange data inconsistencies in the REST API. In the most recent case, it seems that author of the Conversation Part Model seems to be null (reported by customer, identified via error message, but can’t be replicated).

Two questions regarding this:

  1. I couldn’t find anything in the API docs that mentions that author in Conversation Part Model can be null. Do I have to assume that author can be null?
  2. Is this something Intercom would fix on the customers side, i.e. in his workspace/dataset?

I certainly could fix this on my side by adding a null check when I read an author. However, this seems to be a rather random fix. Patching my code whenever customers have inconsistent data leads to bad and difficult to understand code.


Hey again @tobi - I want to drill into this a bit further with you, but it may require some private details on your part. Mind opening up a conversation in Intercom so we can dive deeper? Cheers!


Sure thing, I just opened a conversation.