How to open conversation dialogue in custom app


Hi Dear all, I have encountered two problems, and any information will be glateful

  1. Is that possible we can link to conversation dialogue after click a button in our custom app?
  2. Could we hide the conversation dialogue in the messenger unless link through action button in our custom app?


Hey @Brady - that’s possible! You can use the rest APIs to get the conversations and post a link with it.

About your second point, that’s not possible but would love to hear more about the use case you are trying to solve :slight_smile:

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I have been searching the document for a while, could you provide the link to the API section?
About the second point, I would rather let user to use our custom app first, If it didn’t solve the issue, we will link them to directly contact us with conversation dialogue. We don’t want the user to directly contact to us since our product is prone to be a B2C product that will lead to heavy workload.



Here’s that link to the API Reference on listing conversations, and here’s a link on the submit flow that you need to setup to trigger this to occur :slightly_smiling_face:

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